Tomato face mask

Hello girls, do you like homemade treatment? Yes I do I do. And my favourite face treatment at home is tomato mask,haha. Why tomato??? I've read some article informing that tomato contain a lot of vitamin C and collagen. We know exactly what vitamin C for, yap, it brighten up your face, and one of collagen's benefit is reducing any dark spot on our face. And after I try my homemade tomato face mask i feel like my face getting brighter and it reduce my dark spot. Subhanallah, I really love tomato

How do I made this? Let's check this out :D

1. You only need one fourth piece of tomato
2. Grate this tomato with a grater boar
3. Finish, now you can apply this tomato paste on your face,
do it with a light massage with your fingertip, wait till it dry and wash your face.
Yap, you will  feel the fresh sensation after applying this.
Good luck :D

**Sori kalo bahasa inggrisnya masih berantakan, I'm trying to improve my skills :)